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Photo Credit: Marcu Fotography (Alexandra Marcu)

Aryn (she/her) is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from Edmonton, Canada. While currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts Aryn is a 2024 graduate of Berklee College of Music's Bachelor of Music Degree in Vocal performance with a minor in Musical Theatre Performance. Aryn also graduated from MacEwan University with a diploma in Theatre Arts before heading to the east coast. In the fall of 2024 she will be based in New York pursing her dream of being a working professional in the theatre and music scene.

In July 2020 Aryn released her debut single "Fool" in the middle of the COVID 19 global pandemic. While the pandemic was an incredibly difficult time for many people, she also felt a creative surge that was stronger than ever before. In October of the same year she released another single "Believe," and then followed her debut EP "Christmas in the Air" which featured 3 well known Christmas classics and an extended holiday version of her previously mentioned single. Through her Spring 2021 semester of school and the summer, Aryn wrote 7 original songs and released her debut album "No Labels." The album is a tasteful mix of pop, R&B, alternative, and acoustic pop with inspiration from artists such as Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Adele. She went on to record a full length Christmas album in 2022 with the art of song reinvention being her main inspiration. Aryn has an ear for how she wants to tell a story musically, both with original works and covers. She finds great joy in dissecting a piece of work and making it flourish with a new colour.


Photo Credit: Rob Hislop Photography


Photo Credit: Rob Hislop Photography

In the summer of 2022 Aryn had the opportunity to take part in The John Cameron Saving Lives Foundation’s concert series “CRESCENDO” which is a mental health gala and fundraiser going towards chosen charities each year, last being the Alberta Children's Hospital foundation supporting youth mental health initiatives as well as Michael Landsberg’s “#SickNotWeak”. She was also a part of David Foster and Katharine McPhee’s “The Kat and Dave Show” tour being a part of the Edmonton event’s opening act. Aryn has continued to take part in Crescendo very year since then, and will be seen in other John Cameron Entertainment events. Aryn's journey as an artist will forever involve mental health advocation, breaking the stigma, and using music to make a difference.

Aryn is an extremely versatile musician whose covers and originals continue to entertain audiences both live and online. She has an ability to captivate listeners of all walks of life in venues from bars and concert halls, to fan favourite arenas. Aryn has garnered over 132k streams over her entire discography and is incredibly grateful for the continued support whether you’ve been listening since her debut on youtube as a young child to her newest releases.

Her second original album is set to release summer of 2024 after 3 years in the making. It is a pop-folk album with powerful ballads, heart wrenching stream-of-consciousness style songs, and a self proclaimed diary entry. Her influences for this album are Lizzy McAlpine, Madison Beer, Noah Kahan, and Tiny Habits. She appreciates the patience while she meticulously builds the next story she wants to tell, and explores the authenticity of her artistry. 


Photo Credit: Marcu Fotography (Alexandra Marcu)

Artist Statement


     My first memory of music was listening to Charlotte Church’s album “Prelude: The Best Of Charlotte Church” every night while going to bed. I would often lie there and listen to the album in its entirety (and sometimes cry) and then my 4 year old self would hop out of bed heading to the dresser my CD player was on to start it over again. My mom says I sat at the table and sang the classical music I listened to at night (with incredible accuracy for a 4 year old), and that’s when she knew I would be a musician. I much preferred singing to speaking as a child, and that hasn’t changed to this day. In more simple words, music has always been in my life. It is how I’ve come to understand myself.

     When I think of why I make music it’s because there is no other option for me. My songwriting is an extension of my being. I write about specific moments in my life or I channel a certain style or concept. It’s therapeutic and even if I never share a song it exists because I felt something so strong that I needed to sing about it, and I think there's something so special about that. My goal with my music is to help someone feel something, even if it’s for a moment. 

     My current work is really acoustic and intimate feeling, and has matured with me through my time at Berklee College of Music. It has a lot of alternative, folk, and soft pop influences.

Photo Credit: Marcu Fotography (Alexandra Marcu)


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