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"All I know so far" - P!nk 
bgvs: Carling Hack, guitar: Patrick hughes
Crescendo 2023

"bridge over troubled water" with Michelle Rushfeldt, guitar: Peter Belec
Love and other things - Edmonton 2023

"I want to know what love Is" - Foreigner
lead Vox: Ryan Hamilton (3:43 Aryn - duet)
crescendo 2023

"Bruises" - Renee Rapp
Summer 2023

"she used to be mine" - waitress
Love and other things - aryn's senior recital berklee 2023

"POV" - Aryn Mcconnell, kerri Martin
Love and other things - Aryn's senior recital Berklee 2023

"I've decided to marry you" from a gentleman's guide to love and murder. Featuring Kaitlin Jencks and Anthony lEUMAS, Berklee 2022

"Anyone" - Demi Lovato, Crescendo 2022

"Hallelujah" - Leonard cohen, The Kat & Dave show, Edmonton 2022


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